New ways to stay healthy.
“We joined the WRSC to help people find new ways to stay healthy.”
We have saved significantly
“By participating in safety councils we have saved significantly on workers’ comp premiums and been awarded over $40,000 in grants... Read More
Really benefited from the networking
“Our team has really benefited from the opportunity to network other local EHS professionals and share best practices.”

Enjoyed video presentation. Brought reality of situation to fold.

Very informative and provided good examples.

Well-spoken and very knowledgeable. Well organized.

Great job with Safety journey.

Perfect topic for our current injury record. Will definitely be able to use this info.

Extremely articulate and knowledgeable.

We’re in need of creating a safety team—got lots of good ideas from the panelists.

It was great to get different points of view and how other groups carry out their safety committees!!

Very informative, I will make some adjustments to our current lockout program.

Great ideas…will put to use.

Very helpful info I will definitely be using as we are currently developing our own safety program @ Innovation Foods.

Comprehensive information about evaluations.

Very thorough and concise information. Great step-by-step instruction about how to implement an incident reporting program.

Highly qualified, provided clear and effective guidance.

Speaker was spot on.

Engaging, good real life experiences.

Very personable and professional.

The speaker gave sage advice. I enjoyed Joe’s perspective about having measurable results.

Great moderator and panel w/good info & credentials.

Hit all the high points.

Very lively for what is not a lively topic. Good program and very well presented.

Covered a lot of material – EXCELLENT!!