There are two semi-annual reports that the BWC requires.

This enables them to track whether or not the Western Reserve Safety Council is helping its members to improve their safety record.
This information is also used to determine which companies are eligible for BWC awards.  Your safety council has automated this process so that you can submit your information online, right from this website!

When is it due?

This form is due no later than July 15th and January 15th.  There are no extensions. These deadlines are set by the BWC. You must submit your report to the safety council office -OR- online… see below. Nothing should be sent directly to the BWC.

What happens if I decide not to submit?

If a company elects not to report the information requested, they become ineligible for any rebate on their company’s workers’ compensation, and the company is also ineligible for any of the awards offered from the BWC during the incentive year.

What if I don’t know the information requested?

The information from the OSHA recordkeeping log 300 is used as a basis for the semi-annual report. Anyone in your office can fill out the required information. If you’re not directly responsible for recordkeeping, workers’ compensation or human resources, ask someone for help in your office. If you’re unsure of what is being asked, SEE INSTRUCTIONS or feel free to call the safety council office at 440.248.5080.

What if I am exempt from the record keeping portion of the federal regulations?

Employers with 10 or fewer employees are exempt only from the recordkeeping portion of federal OSHA requirements. You are still required to know the information, and often your TPA (Third Party Administrator) is able to help you with this information.

Submit Online Semi-Annual Report