2% Rebate Checks and Letters Coming Soon!

2% Rebate Checks and Letters Coming Soon!

BWC will mail FY14 performance bonus letters to employers the first week of December. The performance bonus letter outlines the performance bonus frequency and severity calculations for employers who met last year’s (July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014) rebate eligibility requirements.

Employers who met the performance bonus criteria will receive the 2% rebate check, mailed to the primary mailing address on file with BWC, in mid-December, pending active BWC coverage and no outstanding balance due to BWC. When the rebates are processed the second week of December, we will provide you the total performance bonus rebate amount earned statewide as well as by members of your program. Additionally, for administrative use only, we will provide an FY14 performance bonus report identifying which of your members earned the additional 2% performance bonus (Yes) or not (No).

At the same time, BWC will also mail FY15 benchmark letters to employers. The benchmark letter outlines the performance bonus frequency and severity goals for employers eligible to pursue the current year’s (July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015) rebate. All rebate-eligible employers (except those in group-retrospective rating program who are only eligible for the 2% participation rebate) will receive these letters.

If an employer has questions related to the information provided in either of the letters, they should be referred to the name  and phone number of the BWC service office contact cited in the letter.  The local BWC office is where any inquiries about the performance bonus calculations or benchmark goals should first be directed.

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